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HOST: Jordan Mullen

Jordan Mullen is an Australian digital growth strategist and founder of Thrive Digital Marketing. He has worked with 100's of companies in delivering cost effective, ROI driven digital marketing campaigns. He has experience across a range of industries & markets. From working with local tradespeople to high growth ASX listed companies, Jordan's experience will help any Australian business thrive in the new digital economy. Jordan has also worked with NGOs such as Vision Christian Media, Bible League, Alpha, Youth For Christ, Halftime Australia & the Australian Institute of Family counselling. Jordan helps NGOs to increase their impact and raise funds for their cause.

Founder of Thrive Digital

In Enriched, John Sikkema skilfully weaves his own remarkable story with practical wisdom to help you navigate your own journey from success to significance.  This book will challenge and encourage many people who have had great careers but want to do more than just make a living.  John points the way towards a life filled with meaning, purpose and adventure."

Tim Costello AO, CEO World Vision Australia

"John Sikkema was living the good life, but felt something was missing. In this provocative book, he shares his story and seven life-changing principles that will help you become the person you were created to be. Along the way, you’ll also learn how to align the work you do with the person you are, instead of the other way around. Reading Enriched could well be a turning point in your life."  

Ken Blanchard, Co-author of The One Minute Manager® and Great Leaders Grow

"Enriched will prove to be of great value to many people contemplating a deep desire to find more meaning and purpose in their lives, rather than that which the frantic pursuit of money and position has up to now provided them. In a culture which under-values the wisdom and experience of elders, this is a transparently honest, insight-packed and easily-read book that will help many to transform their own lives and positively impact those around them at the same time."

Hon John Anderson AO, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia

What have people said about John Sikkema?

12pm (AEDT)

Tuesday 23rd January 2018

Lessons learnt from leading a team of thousands in 9 countries during the COVID19 crisis.

I have over 25 years of friendship and relationship with Jossy.  During this time, I have witnessed the following traits in him: Jossy follows Jesus passionately, is a man of integrity, strong business acumen, wisdom, transformational leadership, and has an audacious vision and humility. I can also testify to the strength of his character and stewardship. To me, Jossy is one of the most dynamic transformational leaders of the modern day.

Dan Daniels - CEO, Daniels Health

I have known Jossy for many years; he was involved with his friend, John Sikkema, in taking and establishing Half Time from the US to Australia.  When I became aware of Jossy’s vision to transform 100,000 communities in Asia, it got my attention.  My great friend and mentor, the late Peter Drucker, always advised me to aim high when it came to investing my time and efforts because of the potential for greater results.  Jossy Chacko not only has set a big, hairy, audacious goal for himself, but he’s doing it in one of the most difficult regions of the world.  Yet despite the crushing poverty and hostility to Christianity, Jossy and his growing cadre of brave workers are well on their way toward his goal.  His entrepreneurial approach to the church mirrors my own belief that the best way to help a church become healthy and effective is to develop visionary leaders.  And we also share the conviction that the church is an extension of Jesus’s ministry to the whole person, caring for the physical needs as well as the spiritual. 

The Late Bob Buford - Halftime

What have people said about Jossy Chacko?

Self Care


Why Leaders Need To Lead With Self Care

Reflect & Revise


Time To Reflect, Revise & Readjust Your Approach

Leading For The Long Term Vision With Innovation


 Long Term Vision

Building Confidence


How To Build Confidence For This New Era

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Founder & President of Empart, a global non-profit that exists to empower and partner with communities through various social development programs. We equip local leaders, empower women, nurture children, restore health, improve livelihoods, and respond to emergencies. Giving leadership to a team of thousands and offices in 9 countries, Jossy travels around the world inspiring and challenging leaders to capture a larger God-size vision and do something much more significant.  Jossy is married to Jenni and lives in Melbourne, Australia, with their 4 children and 2 dogs.

Jossy Chacko

Founder and President of Empart
Leading a team of thousands globally
International Speaker
Author of MADNESS

Founder and President of Empart
International Speaker
Author of MADNESS

Founder of Garrisons Financial Planning
Chairman of Halftime Australia 
Author of Enriched, Re-defining Wealth

Chairman of Prime Value ($1b+ in FUM)

John Sikkema

Founder of Garrisons Financial Planning
Chairman of Halftime Australia 
Chairman of Prime Value ($1 Billion+ in FUM)
Author of Enriched, Re-defining Wealth

John Sikkema was working 80 hours a week, losing tens of thousands of dollars a month, and had two mortgages on his house. With a raft of maxed out credit cards and a family to support, John was facing burnout. As his health and relationships began to crumble, John knew something had to give. After much soul searching, a change in John's thinking led to a complete 180 degree turnaround! His life was transformed, his business rapidly grew nationally and then was sold to a Packer backed ASX listed company for $40 million.

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