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Peter Irvine

John Sikkema

Founder of Garrisons Financial Planning
Chairman of Halftime Australia 
Chairman of Prime Value ($1 Billion+ in FUM)
Author of Enriched, Re-defining Wealth

Co-Founder of Gloria Jeans Australia (sold to Retail Food Group in 2014)
International business speaker
1000 franchises in 39 countries
Sold for $163 Million

Author Of "Win In Business"

As Seen In

Peter & John Will Address The 5 Problems Holding Back Growth And How To Fix Them

Unclear Vision For Growth


Poor Leadership Skills


Cash Flow Problems



Marketing Not Working


Lack Of Mentoring

Many of us will have a copy of the well known book, the E-Myth. In the book it highlights that 40% of businesses fail in the first year. Of those who survive 1 year, 80% fail in 5 years, and of those who survive 5 years, another 80% fail. While many businesses fail, when God calls you to business you can have peace that he is the backbone of your business. Below are just a few of the challenges Peter & John faced in business.

A Recession And A Car Crash

In the early 90s John Sikkema was building his business of 30+ staff. It all looked great on the outside but behind the scenes cracks were beginning to appear. John then faced one of Australia’s worst recessions. He was working 80 hours a week, losing tens of thousands of dollars a month, and had two mortgages on his house. With a raft of maxed out credit cards and a family to support, John was facing burnout. As his health and relationships began to crumble, John knew something had to give.

A Warehouse Burnt Down 

Peter Irvine woke up one morning to a phone call “Peter your warehouse is on fire”. When Peter arrived at the scene there was a trickle of smoke. At this point there were only three fire engines, a security guard and a young journalist who had heard about a warehouse fire on the two-way radio. Within an hour the place was alight and Peters dream of building a coffee franchise, vanishing with it. Just like the fire quickly ravaged our warehouse hub, news of the event spread rapidly throughout the media.

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What Holds Many Entrepreneurs Back From Achieving Rapid Business Growth



How Building A “Purpose Driven” Business Can Accelerate Growth



How To See Lives & Communities Impacted Through Your Business


12pm (AEDT), Tuesday 23rd January 2018

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